Social Content Consent

Conditions on the use of your social content

POLSPOTTEN loves to see how you use our items in your space. We believe we can inspire other customers with your high-class images and therefore we may request to share pictures posted by you on Instagram. We will use those in our marketing communication channels such as newsletters and on our website, so many more people can enjoy them.

If we have such a request, we will send you a rights request on the Instagram post that we would like to use.

You can approve this request, by reacting with the hashtag #yespolspotten, in that case you provide us with the following non-exclusive, royalty free and worldwide permissions:

  • To use your image on our website and blog
  • To use your image in our newsletters
  •  To repost your image on our social media channels. These are: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn

In addition, you also declare that:

  • You are the owner of the image
  • You are over 18 years old

If you approve this request, you will get:

  • Free publicity on our channels and our website
  • Full credit for your own picture: your social media channel will be linked and/or name is mentioned

If you would like to withdraw consent to share your pictures with POLSPOTTEN, please let us know at

Follow us on Instagram so you can see how we re-use your content!

Conditions on the use of our (digital) images 

You are welcome to use POLSPOTTEN images for your own purposes, you find them on our Image Bank. When sharing our images, we kindy request you to make clear that it is a POLSPOTTEN image or a POLSPOTTEN production. On your social channels, please photo-tag or hashtag POLSPOTTEN if you post our images. The media photography should never be manipulated, altered or edited in any way. POLSPOTTEN will protect its rights and those of the photographer, from any kind of infringement or misuse.