About Us

It all started out there, on the road, experiencing what the world had to offer - creativity in its purest form. Ever since then, the spirit of forward motion has been ingrained in what we do: Worldly in expression, daring in construction, and at no time bothered by conventions. Our creations take interiors to unexpected places, bring them to life, and make them play.

We dedicate ourselves to the ethos of play. We explore with enthusiasm, design with humour, and create with the curiosity of a lifelong learner, and most importantly, we respect and nurture our greatest asset - our creative instinct. Our best play is yet to come, and when it does, it will come from within.

While following the game of adulting with rules written by someone else, ironically some might forget the magic of play. Play is essential for human development - it gives rise to imagination and fuels creativity.

We're here to Add Play To Space — playfulness is our higher purpose, and it's something that we strive for both in our products and our personal lives. And at the same time, we acknowledge that we also need to have as little impact on the environment as possible. 

Our mission

We were founded in 1986 – since that time, progress has been in our DNA which is reflected in today’s POLSPOTTEN: we go for worldly expression, choose daring compositions and make our own rules.

Our designers give your interior a surprising touch, bring it to life and offer you the ability to play with your space.

Our Values

We put people before space.

We listen to our customers to make space elevate,
and work for people, not the other way around.
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We roll up our sleeves.

Our products are handmade, our designers are hands-on,
and our services are high-touch and personalized.

We create with respect.

Our practices respect traditional crafts,
the cultural heritage that sparks our creativity, and our planet.
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Our creativity comes from the heart.

Intuition helps us take unexpected turns,
and keep our “play” spirit alive.

We have fun together.

Play is both the means to our end, and the end in itself.
Having fun is the why, the what and the how of our world.
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